Tequila G4 Blanco: An Honest Review


G4 Blanco tequila, made a little over five years ago, focuses on high-quality tequila, delivering only the best taste for its drinkers. G4 Blanco is one of the most popular tequilas that use organic agave, relying on recycled materials and sustainable power where necessary. G4 Blanco has led to one impressive result, and we’re here to tell all about it for tequila fans to see for themselves.

Below, we’re giving our honest review of G4 Blanco tequila, determining if it’s worth the purchase.

G4 Blanco: A Brief History

If you’re curious about how G4 Blanco tequila started, you’ll need to venture back all the way to 1937, when the Camarena family first began making their tequila. The Camarena family name accounts for one of the most known families in the Jalisco Highlands, the tequila capital worldwide. Felipe Camarena and his brother Carlos decided to open their own distillery back in 2011.

In their distillery is the display of an old tahona stone coming from their distillery that was lost from a fire during the Mexican Revolution. In the development of G4 Blanco, Felipe focused on respecting tradition and pride. Without using chemicals, Felipe and his brothers grow their own agaves without beginning the harvest until they’ve fully ripened.

In traditional ovens made of stone, the agaves are cooked for twenty-two hours, followed by fertilization of the remains. For the first and second fermentation, copper-pot stills are used, requiring many details during production to ensure efficiency. The brothers also use wind power and solar power, along with rainwater harvesting.

G4 Blanco is made from fifty percent harvested rainwater and fifty percent spring water and bottled at 80-proof. Felipe Camarena says he doesn’t focus on making fancy tequila bottles but focuses on the quality of his tequila. 

G4 Blanco: An Honest Review

This line of tequila was actually recommended to us a few years ago, and as soon as we tasted it, we fell in love with its hint of cloves and grass and citrusy flavors. It’s hard to pinpoint what we love most about G4 Blanco, but its combination of rainwater and spring water that comes from the Camarena farm has a lot to do with it.

G4 Blanco tequila was aged in whiskey barrels bottled at 86-proof, and this particular type of tequila maintains its pepper, citrus, and complete agave flavors. Towards the finish, you may even notice notes of baking spice, leather, and a bit of tobacco. Considered earthy and bright, G4 Blanco is an excellent tequila for sipping and great for those who want to experience the actual character of tequila.

As far as aromas, you’ll immediately notice light earth, vegetal, and peppercorn, with a bit of a touch of citrus. By design, G4 Blanco has a low content of methanol, which is accomplished from the very beginning when selecting the finest agaves and eliminating additives and green leaves, which many distilleries use today to prevent corrosion.

G4 Blanco doesn’t have a super long finish, but it also had a bit of heat towards the end. In the glass, it appears clear with tears that linger.

This silver expression tequila kicks off with red pepper and some lemon notes. You might even say it has a saline-like, sharp edge to it, making it an excellent choice to add to margaritas. Initially, your palette will receive similar notes, pulling little punches with its herbal approach. While its attack is impactful and sharp, you’ll notice some emergence of sweetness, piping down to express fruity notes resembling melon.

Even though it doesn’t have a super long finish, as we’ve mentioned before, you’ll notice bittersweet chocolate and spice upfront. G4 Blanco leaves an overall incredible impact, making it invigorating, refreshing, and impressive. 

Additional G4 Tequilas


G4 pure and crafted tequilas consist of nine tequilas, with an aroma and taste that brings forth pure agave flavors for the most experienced and new tequila drinkers. If you’d like to take it further than G4 Blanco, here are some additional G4 tequilas the Camarena family offers.

De Madera Blanco 

With the first use of wood fermentation, De Madera Blanco was made as a limited edition and special release. It’s the only G4 tequila made with well water, giving it a complex and unique character to the other G4 tequilas.

G4 Reposado 

G4 Reposado is aged for six months in old whiskey barrels but often combined with new barrels to give enhanced character. G4 Reposado has flavors influenced by citrus, herbal, and floral plantings.

De Madera Reposado 

Honoring Dia de Los Muertos, this limited-edition tequila is aged for seven months in Dickel whiskey barrels, giving it additional sweetness.

G4 Añejo 

Aged for 18 months, G4 Añejo has enough character all on its own without packing any overwhelming flavors. G4 Añejo has aromas and smoky flavors that will keep you returning for more!

G4 Extra Añejo 

G4 Extra Añejo is aged for three years in whiskey barrels, giving you a silky oak taste on the lips.

G4 Blanco 108 

G4 Blanco 108 is a high-proof, bold expression with a long finish and complex aromas.

G4 Extra Añejo 5 Year 

This G4 tequila has been aged for five years and has a straight agave approach, making it surprisingly soft with a hint of heat.

GF Extra Añejo 6 Year 

This six-year G4 tequila is 86-proof and bottled at barrel strength. 

G4 Blanco: FAQ

1. Is G4 Blanco tequila good?

If you have around $50 to spare, it will open up some of the highest quality blanco tequila, with G4 Blanco being one of them. G4 Blanco has savory agave flavors, green olive notes, and pepper.

2. Is G4 tequila hard to find?

Yes, there are a couple of reasons why G4 tequila is hard to find, one of them being their production method that gives it the quality we enjoy, takes more time to produce and is only done in smaller batches.

3. Who owns G4 tequila?

Felipe Camarena and his sons own G4 Blanco.

4. Is G4 Blanco the best tequila?

G4 Blanco tequila has won multiple awards, including “Best in Category” and “Best in Show.”