Patrón Ahumado Silver: Tasting And Review

If you’re a known tequila lover, you’re going to love this ride! The infamous tequila brand Patrón released their latest creation not long ago, Patrón Ahumado Silver. Their newest tequila adds to their collection of premium tequila, which adds a smoky twist to the well-known silver tequila.

Roasted and crushed in small batches using a tahona wheel during distillation, Patrón Ahumado Silver tequila is one of the most popular spirits for occasional drinking and special occasions. If you’re ready to discover the delicate flavors of natural sweetness and cooked agave, read our tasting and review of Patrón Ahumado Silver.

About the Patrón Brand


The brand Patrón didn’t only invent tequila; they perfected it, using time-tested methods to create the finest tequila worldwide. Approximately every eight years, the experienced Jimadors find and extract only the best Blue Weber Agave with the highest natural sugar content. Using a Coa, a sharp tool, they strip away agave leaves to unleash the piña, the heart of the plant.

After the agave plants are hand chopped, the piñas are placed into brick ovens where they’re baked to ensure even cooking. The piñas, using a volcanic Tahona wheel, are crushed. Did you know that Patrón uses the most Tahonas than any other tequila producer?

Patrón’s resulting tequila is fermented for three days and sometimes aged in handmade barrels. Patrón Reposado is aged for a minimum of two months, while its extra Añejo is aged for up to ten years, their oldest tequila. While tequila is the most popular element of their Patrón story, Patrón measures every bottle to pure perfection.

Their small-batch spirits are then bottled, but they never stop when it comes down to paying attention to detail. Whether it comes down to the design of a Portuguese cork or a crystal stopper, Patrón focuses on every detail.

What is Silver Tequila?


Whether you’ve vacationed on Mexico beaches or occasionally indulged in margaritas on Taco Tuesday, you’ve most likely heard of silver tequila. White, Blanco, or silver tequila is the most transparent tequila that is found in many liquor stores or bars, characterized by its transparent appearance.

Bottled immediately after being distilled, silver tequila is rarely aged or aged for a short amount of time. Silver tequila can be a mix of 100% agave. While many drinkers say that silver tequila may have a harsh taste, it’s due to its short aging period.

Silver tequilas typically are an excellent choice for mixing tequila into a variety of cocktails. Silver tequila is also a very affordable tequila choice for drinkers who are on a budget because it requires the least amount of effort from the distiller. The agave in silver tequila shines through its bright essence and tangy and sweet mixes that don't diminish its other flavors.

Silver tequila offers a richer, deeper agave flavor with zesty tones, while many fruit flavors are present in premium silver tequila options. 

Patrón Ahumado Silver: Our Tasting and Review

In the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Patrón Ahumado Silver is made using 100% Weber Blue Agave; it gets its smoky flavor from roasted mesquite. During this unique process, Patrón Ahumado Silver is separated from other tequilas in the Patrón brand, making it an excellent addition to any tequila collection.

Patrón Ahumado Silver has a velvety and smooth texture with a unique smoky flavor. This tequila is excellent for sipping alone or adding to your favorite fruity cocktail. With its smoky notes, this tequila has plenty of depth regarding flavor, making it an excellent choice for tequila lovers who enjoy complex and bold flavors.

With a gentle, smoky nose, when you first get a whiff of this tequila, it may remind you of mezcal, although maybe a gentle mezcal. With hints of fruity cocktail that keep its aroma alive, it has undertones of pepper that become stronger with time. Its palate is lively and light, with the slightest hint of smokiness to alert your palate to lean towards grapefruit and lemon.

With its chocolate notes hidden underneath, its finish develops the quality of lemon pepper, using agave nectar for sweetness. Tequila lovers who enjoy mezcal will notice that Patrón Ahumado Silver is a step in the right direction. Although expert mezcal lovers may consider this version of Patrón too essential, it’s an excellent-made tequila that has some of the most significant smoky influence. 

Patrón Ahumado Silver also has distinct packaging that’s worth mentioning. This bottle comes in a modern and sleek bottle, shining light on its premium quality tequila. With a minimalist design, its label contains a simple description of smoky flavors and the Patrón logo.

If you’ve been searching for an exciting and new addition to add to your tequila collection, choosing Patrón Ahumado Silver is an excellent choice and worth trying out. Even to the most hesitant tequila drinkers, it’s sure to impress. So get ready to experience the unique flavors of Patrón Ahumado Silver.

Not only did Patrón release Patrón Ahumado Silver, but it also launched Patrón Ahumado Reposado as a pair. Both of these tequilas were handcrafted together, aiming to appeal to mezcal enthusiasts. The key to its development was using mesquite charcoal during its roasting process.

Patrón Ahumado Silver: FAQ

1. What is Ahumado tequila?

Ahumado Silver is a sweet, smoky, and smooth tequila made from 100% blue agave. 

2. Is Parrón Silver worth the price?

For its category, Patrón Silver is pricey, but it also makes an excellent tequila as a sipping or mixing tequila.

3. What does Patrón Silver taste like?

Patrón Silver has delicate aromas with a smooth and sweet taste, leaving you with a peppery finish. 

4. Is Patrón a top-shelf tequila?

Known as one of the premium spirits worldwide, Patrón Silver is a top-shelf tequila due to its smooth finish and complexity.

5. What is the rarest Patrón?

One of the rarest tequilas made in the Jalisco distillery is Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años. It comes in a hand-blown glass replica of the first ever Patrón bottle.