Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco: A Review


Casa Dragones Blanco COCKTAIL

Since its launch in 2009, Casa Dragones has made it a priority to preserve the history of Mexico's culture. Exclusively made in small batches, Casa Dragones is known as one of the very first premium tequilas to jump on board the United States tequila craze.

Casa Dragones was originally produced to compete against other sprints such as Cognac and whiskey. Casa Dragones is dedicated to making spirits that use hand-selected agave plants in each bottle. In its 15 years, its tequila has been sold in restaurants across the country and is a highly-preferred spirit.

Below, we’re going to give our full, honest review of Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco.

About Casa Dragones: The Brand 

Casa Dragones: The Brand

While many thought Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco was Casa Dragones' first tequila, its first release was actually Joven. While many other tequilas are filled with additives, Joven uses 100% Blue Agave Weber and is aged in American oak casks for five years. Its resulting spirits have notes similar to Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco.

Silver tequilas typically have notes of delicate florals, sharp citrus, and vegetal agave, giving it a sweet profile. In the fall of 2022, Casa Dragones launched Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara, the first tequila aged in Mizunara casks. Mizunara casks are very rare, so you can see why this separates the Casa Dragones brand from others.

First imported in barrels in 2018, Casa Dragones explored how using wood can import new flavors with aged tequilas. Today, Casa Dragones has four expressions under its wing. Casa Dragones offers Reposado Mizunara, Flagship, Añejo, and Blanco.

After its strict Joven tequila production for five years, Casa Dragones released its blanco, which has vegetal and grapefruit aromas. Five years later, they released Casa Dragones Tequila Añejo barrel blend, which blends two tequilas that are aged in American oak and Limousin oak. After only one year of aging, it delivers floral notes and a nutty finish.

Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco: A Review


We’ll start by saying Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco is beautifully presented in its bottle, is crystal clear, and has a diverse nose. Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco uses a diffuser process, which is typically used for mass production. In many circumstances, the agave is never cooked but instead is shredded raw by a machine, then uses hot water to extract the starches.

Next, it's quickly cooked to convert the starches. Often, this creates a vodka-like consistency, losing its agave character. Once you taste Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco, it’s another story.

The nose of Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco has a vodka-like scent, in addition to spice, mint, and touches of pepper, grapefruit, smoke, and chocolate. At first sniff, it is slightly bland with sweetness, with a hint of fruit and pear.

Upon tasting, it appeared thin, spicy, and hot. Its oil has a water-like consistency with a hint of chocolate and spiciness. This isn’t an overly smooth or sweet tequila, but it has the trademark diffuser taste of mint and hotness.

Even with its slightly bland nose and spicy flavors, I really enjoyed this tequila, and I think it would pair nicely with a spicy or jalapeño Margarita. Its finish is hot and peppery and gives a slight burn in its medium exit.

Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco is marketed towards women and is an excellent blanco choice for those who are searching for sipping tequila or want to add in a margarita to enjoy without burning.

Renowned for its easy-mixing and easy-drinking tequila, blanco has always been an excellent choice for brands looking for their first tequila to hit the market.

Fun Facts About Casa Dragones: What You Should Know

Did you know Casa Dragones' packaging has hidden meanings behind it? To pay dedication to its distilling process, co-founder and CEO González Nieves knew she had to put plenty of thought into the bottle. To do this, she traveled through various museums and markets, trying to find the perfect glassware for her tequila.

While searching, Nieves found antique bottles, inspiring her to create a bottle in the shape of a decanter. Every Casa Dragones bottle is crafted individually by artisans and engraved using a little seed technique. Casa Dragones' unique engravings resemble an agave plant, showing its dedication to its origins.

Each bottle among all four tequilas is signed, numbered, and labeled to show how committed Casa Dragones is to quality.

Even though Casa Dragones uses a diffuser method for its production, it's still committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Casa Dragones is known in the industry for being sustainable and efficient at producing tequila. By using water and steam for extraction, it can use less energy and less water during production while also producing less waste.

At the spiritual home of Casa Dragones, they also have the world’s smallest tequila bar, also known as their custom-made tasting room. The tequila room was made using 4,000 tiles, which came from agave fields, and seats only six people. If you’re lucky enough to visit this small tequila bar, you must make your reservations ahead of time, but once you have your seat at the bar, visitors will receive a tasting of the brand’s best expressions.

Additionally, many celebrities and award-winning chefs love Casa Dragones tequila worldwide. This popular spirit has also been mentioned by Oprah as her number-one favorite tequila. Martha Stewart said back in 2022 that she loved using Casa Dragones tequila in her "Martha-ritas."

Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco: FAQ

1. Is Casa Dragones real tequila?

Casa Dragones is 100% blue agave silver tequila that focuses on purity to deliver a smooth, crisp taste.

2. How do you drink Casa Dragones Blanco?

The best way to drink Casa Dragones Blanco is on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail with a salted rim.

3. Is Casa Dragones female-owned?

Casa Dragones is owned by co-founder and CEO González Nieves.

4. Which Casa Dragones tequila is the best?

Epicurious Magazine voted Casa Dragones tequila blanco as the best blanco tequila.

5. How long is Casa Dragones aged?

Casa Dragones tequila is aged for up to one year.