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Captain Morgan Lime Bite 1.75l - The Liquor Bros
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Captain Morgan Lime Bite 1.75 Liter


Captain Morgan Lime Bite 1.75 Liter

Lime Bite is a flavored rum-based spirit drink from Captain Morgan, made with rum from the Caribbean, lime and other natural flavors. It was created to be used as a mixer with beer, though it works well with cola, fruit juices and energy drinks.

Captain Morgan Lime Bite Rum Tasting Notes

Nose: The lime aroma here is a combination of sugar water and lime-scented Pine Sol.

Palate: Warming spices with hints of oak.

Finish: Decent finish that leaves behind citrus notes and tobacco.

Distillery Information

Founded in 1944 by Seagram's CEO Sam Bronfman, who named the brand after Welsh buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan. When the company purchased the Long Pond distillery in Jamaica, they discovered that one of the buyers of their rum was the Levy Brothers, a pharmacy in Kingston that would combine the rum with spices and herbs. Bronfman liked the drink and bought the rights to it, and this in turn inspired the recipe for Captain Morgan rums. Eventually, Seagram sold off the Captain Morgan brand to Diageo, who still own it today.

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