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Saint Cloud 7 Year Bourbon 750ml
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Saint Cloud 7 Year Bourbon 750ml


Saint Cloud 7 Year Bourbon 750ml

7 Years Old

Each Barrel has it's own Name with Southern California Identifiers sure to please

AVAILABLE BOTTLES :  LakeShow |  Wilt 13 | No Chill | SoCal

Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Crafted by Ray Walker using his unique perspective and vision from making Grand Cru wines in Burgundy, France. Ray excelled in making wines of character.

His signature was blending hard work, tradition and an unrelenting pursuit of beauty through simplicity. His focus is to bring a unique vision to the Kentucky Bourbon landscape, based on exceptional quality.

Saint Cloud is a labor of love, created to bridge the connection to Ray’s family which dates back in Kentucky since the start of the nineteenth-century. Our focus is with barrel proof expressions. During the fermentation and distillation process, there are oils which are produced. These oils can be sensed in the tasting of bourbons that retain their higher alcohol content and are bottled without filtration.

Brilliant bourbons have been bottled after being proofed down to lower alcohol levels, only to have their expressions rendered angular, rigid, and sharp. Higher proof bourbons that aren’t filtered retain the roundness and seamlessness that can only be experienced if bourbons have been bottled without extensive intervention. With this in mind, a higher prof bourbon can present itself with complete complexity with the finesse thought only to be possible with lower proof whiskies.

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