Selvarey White Rum by Bruno Mars: A Review


When it comes to celebrity rum and bourbons, the uncertainty always remains. Is it good, or is it overhyped? If we’re being honest, the fact that a beverage made by a celebrity has nothing to do with any review or evaluation. It is, however, always worth nothing since many everyday Americans are influenced by celebrities.

Founded by pop singer Bruno Mars, the Selvarey Rum brand quickly became well-known. Bruno Mars also played a role in the premium brand of Selvarey Owner’s Reserve. As far as Bruno Mars is concerned, that’s about all that needs to be mentioned regarding how the brand originated.

As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss our review of Selvarey White Rum by Bruno Mars.

Selvarey White Rum: Brief History

If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting the distillery of Don Francisco Fernandez, also known as Pancho, then you’ve most likely had the chance to taste Selvarey White Rum in addition to other Selvarey beverages. 

If you visited around 2014, many of its tasters were sworn to secrecy about this type of rum, primarily because Bruno Mars wanted the rum to sell because of its taste and not because of his fame.

Since the connection to Bruno Mars, many Selvarey Rum tasters have only begun to make positive comments about the rum. The name Selvarey also means King of the Jungle and pays tribute to Francisco Fernandez, who remains well-known in the world of rum. 

Selvarey White Rum: In-Depth Review

One of the great things about Selvarey rum is that it doesn’t use chemical additives or additional shortcuts during its process. Created in the province of Herrera, its sugarcane was tended and raised on their very own property and was also hand-harvested to provide a better look at quality control during the cane crushing. 

Hand-harvesting is known to be labor intensive but is known to be used for Selvarey rum, which is not typical for many other companies 

After hand-harvesting, the juice from sugar cane is fermented with yeast and then distilled in a copper column still. These are the same stills used at Michter's Distillery until its closing in 1990. After this, the Selvarey rum is aged for five years and then rested before bottling.

As for its appearance, Selvarey white rum has a minor oil, yellow color, which is a clear sign of its aging but also a sign that it wasn’t over-filtered and unknowingly removed its vital flavors for the sake of its white appearance. When swirled, it leaves a slight line that transforms into droplets when on retreat.

At first impression, you may get hints of spice notes, stones, grass, citrus, and custards. The vanilla custard has a sense of creaminess and citrus notes. Upon entry, its slight creaminess gives a sap-like experience with more sweetness than some may like.

Towards the finish, you’ll experience a drier taste similar to vanilla ash with a lingering hint of vanilla. With its drink, there’s a mellow alternative to the white rum standard for most drinks and smoothness that you won’t get with other white rums. Its vanilla and sweet notes make for an excellent combination with cherries, ginger, and cola.

The Selvarey Cacao and Selvarey white rum work excellently with a creamsicle soda. Selvarey white rum is an excellent alternative to vodka in many other drinks.

Moving on to its bottle design, Selvarey white rum has a clear glass with a decanter bottom, giving it a nice balance. Its sides are gently sloped, working its way up to a thick lip to give its drinker a fantastic grip. Its long neck is covered by a pong-sized ball and a gold ribbon.

On the front of the bottle, there’s a medallion with an outline of a toucan. In summary, these bottle has a distinct and easy-to-spot design that any drinker will notice on the shelf. Compared to other rum businesses, which have had shady labor practices, the company that makes Selvarey rum treats their workers appropriately and better than most.

Selvarey Rum: Wrapping it Up

From its packaging alone, you can tell that Selvarey isn't only targeting rum experts with their brand but also casual drinkers. The bottle doesn't contain a rum description and does not indicate that it's an aged rum, compared to other rum types. However, the bottle reads "made in the jungle" on the back description, and resembles a Coke or Pepsi bottle. 

At first taste, many people have no idea that this is an aged rum when, according to its profile, it makes it pretty clear. With its clean nose and without fruity notes, the time in American oak barrels is made clear by the vanilla that comes from the wood. Selvarey rum smells sweet with toasty sugar and marshmallow with just the slightest grassy scent.

Selvarey rum is a white rum that may trick some rum drinkers if they have a blindfold, just by the vanilla, which primarily indicates a darker rum. This shows that color isn’t always an indicator of how rum can taste. 

Selvarey Rum: FAQ

1. What does Selvarey rum taste like?

Selvarey rum is a really lovely white rum that has various flavors of powdered sugar, peppery spice, marshmallow, sugar cane, and vanilla. Its various tastes make it an exceptional white rum. 

2. Who is the CEO of Selvarey Rum?

The CEO of Selvarey Rum is Craig James, who previously worked as a Managing Director at Greywolf Capital.

3. What is the alcohol content of Selvarey Rum?

Selvarey white rum has an ABV of 30%, is well known in specific years and has an excellent balance of heat and rain.

4. What proof is Selvarey Rum?

Selvarey rum is an 80-proof blend that is aged in American oak barrels for three to five years. It received a 94-point rating and is described as a smooth rum with vanilla sweetness.

5. Is Selvarey rum good?

In terms of ratings, Selvarey Rum received 4.5 out of 5 stars.

6. What does the name Selvarey mean?

In Spanish, the name Selvarey means Jungle King or King or the Jungle.

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