Brother's Bond Bourbon Review

For many years, the creators of Brother’s Bond bourbon dreamed of creating their bourbon and how they wanted it to taste. They wanted it to taste smooth on the tongue with robust flavors and nutty spicy notes. With its warm finish, they envisioned their bourbon to taste exceptional!

After years of contemplating, Brother’s Bond bourbon whiskey was a reality. Below, we’ve given our in-depth review of Brother’s Bond bourbon. 

Brother’s Bond Bourbon Whiskey: Brief History

Brother’s Bond was made to honor the friendship between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, two well-known American men who had a role in the hit series The Vampires Diaries. This show was a big hit among teenagers and young millennials, so we know its popularity. When you venture into social media, you’ll immediately see its connection and the marketing tactics.

Brother’s Bond Bourbon: In-Depth Review

There are a few essential points you should know about Brother’s Bond Bourbon. To start, and most importantly, this bourbon comes from MGP. A dead giveaway is its label on the back showing it’s distilled in Indiana. It’s a well-known fact that many businesses source their drinks from MGP.

MGP, located in Indiana, involves mashing, distilling, and barreling, and no one in the company is engaged in creating Brother’s Bond Bourbon. Another important note to mention is that this bourbon is a four-grain bourbon which is made from rye, corn, barley, and wheat. Compared to other grains, Brother’s Bond Bourbon is a blend of two to three various mash bills that are aged and blended.

According to experts, this bourbon is sixty-five percent corn, twenty-two percent rye, and barley and wheat consisting of the rest. Here, we have a four-year MGP bourbon that has a 40% ABV, costing around $40. As we continue our review, you’ll have enough time to determine how you relate to our Brother’s Bond Bourbon in-depth review.

To start with its smell, Brother’s bond immediately begins with peach, grain, wood, honey, vanilla, clove, and fennel, ranging from youthful to fresh. Fresh graininess and oak are two contributors that signal its youthfulness, but simultaneously, it has decent amounts of herbaciousness and fruitiness to help offset its youthful scents.

In Brother’s Bond Bourbon, there are no overpowering notes of vanilla. On the surface, you’ll notice herbal and fruity scents with darker roasts and oak that are similar to the smell of Old Elk. After giving it a food swirl, you can smell toasted grains, oak, fennel, honey, clove, and caraway seed. 

Brother’s Bond Bourbon has the scent of a young MGP bourbon that is decently bright, fruity, floral, and coated with grains and oakiness. While it has an interesting flavor, it does plenty to perform the task.

At first taste, you’ll notice roasted oak, vanilla, honey, caraway seed, cinnamon, licorice, pumpernickel, and dried apricot. Unlike its scents, its taste becomes young, bitter, and oaky and begins to spread apart during this stage. While its scents might lead you to believe it has mature flavors, this bourbon has youthful flavors.

Brother’s Bond Bourbon is a decent four-year MGP bourbon with little development. While it’s not considered the most exciting bourbon, its minimal heat is certain. While you “chew,” you’ll notice an off vanilla, clove, cinnamon, orange, caraway seed, licorice, and roasted oak. 

While diving into its finish, you’ll notice caraway seed, a toasted character, dried apricot, and honey. It has a lot of earthy grain. Once “chewing,” you’ll have a slight bitterness, fennel, caraway seed, and roasted oak.

Brother’s Bond contains plenty of grain, young, and oak flavors combined with fruit and honey. While it’s not a top-shelf bourbon, it’s enough to do the job and create an acceptable bourbon experience. 

Brother’s Bond Bourbon: Our Opinion

Brother’s Bond is a decent bourbon, but some may say it’s over-marketed because of its celebrity connections. Many bourbon lovers may prefer a strong bourbon compared to Brother’s Bond. To factor in its price, this bourbon is priced around $40, making it a more affordable drink for bourbon lovers.

From the looks of it, there’s plenty of interest in Brother’s Bond Bourbon, which sells reasonably well. If there are a lot of Vampire Diaries fanatics among us, then its marketing team knows what they’re doing in terms of marketing. We don’t consider Brother’s Bond a bottom-shelf bourbon, so we’d rank it in between.

Its delicate, herbal, and fruity scents have everything it needs to keep it a mid-shelf bourbon. If its scents had carried into its flavors, it would have been very close to Old Elk or even Jim Beam. Its ABV and age determine how it ranks compared to other bourbons.

As for its flavors, some may say it’s too flat and thin and is dominated by its earthiness, oak, and grain. Regarding business strategy, Brother’s Bond checks all the boxes and is quite genius. To sell a cheap bourbon that is popular with celebrities is enough to influence enough individuals to pay a cost for it. 

Considering its quality, Brother’s Bond must be ranking in plenty of profit to keep it going. If you’re dealing with a bourbon expert, they may prefer something more top-shelf than a mid-shelf bourbon. 

Brother’s Bond Bourbon: FAQ

1. Who makes Brother’s Bond bourbon?

Brother’s Bond bourbon was created by Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, two actors who starred in The Vampire Diaries. Brother’s Bond was created from their on-screen relationship as brothers and reflected their close relationship during filming.

2. How much does Brother’s Bond bourbon cost?

You can find Brother’s Bond bourbon priced around $40, as it's distilled using a one hundred percent copper column distillation method.

3. Is Brother’s Bond bourbon successful?

Brother’s Bond bourbon was ranked as a finalist for one of the best bourbons in New York and San Francisco. According to Wesley Beams, the cask has the same mash-up as its flagship, even its undiluted form.

4. Is Brother’s Bond bourbon smooth?

Brother’s Bond is exceptionally smooth and elegant, with sweetness, balanced flavors, and spice.

5. Where is Brother’s Bond bourbon produced?

Brother’s Bond, produced in Indiana, is 93-point rated and is ranked as a high-ranking bourbon with an unforgettable complex finish.

6. How long is Brother’s Bond aged?

Brother’s Bond bourbon is aged for a minimum of four years in American oak barrels.

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