Just the Tipsy wines, a popular choice for bachelorette parties

Just the Tipsy wines are a popular choice for bachelorette parties because of their unique bottle shape and light-hearted quality. 

The wines are made in Napa, California, and come in bottles shaped like male appendages. Some say the wine is smooth, crisp, and inviting with a long finish.

We all know it as a beverage that pairs well with a warm meal, a risky beverage when it comes to white clothing and a drink that is suitable for any occasion. To summarize, wine is one of the most straightforward and simple alcoholic beverages worldwide. Just the Tipsy is one of America’s most famous wine brands that started its journey of creating wines with only the most unique and finest notes.

What makes Just the Tipsy unique is in the bottle that resembles, well, it’s too inappropriate to mention, but we’re sure you have an idea. However, the bottle’s appearance was never meant to be offensive but just a way to spice things up for the ladies. As a brand that is in the early stages of its career, Just the Tipsy has many followers on its social media platforms.

As you continue reading below, we’ll dive into the two bestsellers of 2024 and discuss much more regarding its audience, reviews, and shipping.


Just the Tipsy Bestsellers

Just the Tipsy wines




Below are the two bestsellers of Just the Tipsy wines. 


1. Just The Tipsy Original Rosé




If you're looking for a good time wine, Sweet Tipsy Rosé is just that. This drink is one of the best party gifts that is sure to put on a show. Many women love choosing this drink for their bachelorette parties, dinners, or birthdays.


Designed with Bubbly Rosé of Syrah grape and a 12.5% ABV, Sweet Tipsy Rosé gives you a crisp, clean experience of bubbly flavors. This drink has notes of brioche, lemon curd, and raspberry and goes exceptionally well when paired with cheeses, popcorn, or your favorite bag of chips.

At $26.99, Sweet Bubbly Rosé is available in a 750ml bottle and is the perfect drink for any occasion. 


2. Just The Tipsy Bubbly Semi-Sweet Rosé




With a crisp and refreshing wine taste, whether you're celebrating New Year's Eve or a birthday party, this wine is a sure crowd-pleaser. Tipsy Bubbly Rosé comes in a 750ml bottle and is considered one of the most shareable wines. This wine has notes of lavender, watermelon, and strawberry that seem to get better the more you drink it.


Tipsy Bubbly Rosé has an ABV of 12.5% and is a dry-style wine with floral, bright, and fruity aromas. As for its palette, you’ll be amazed by the unforgettable flavors of wildflower honey, strawberry, and tropical fruits. Priced at 29.99, you can expect to receive crisp flavors with a super long finish.


Just the Tipsy Target Audience and Reviews

So, who is Just the Tipsy for? This wine is for anyone who is looking for a good time, loves to party, and wants to spice up any occasion. This brand delivers loads of fun in a bottle, is bunched with flavor, and will not disappoint.

Just the Tipsy wine will offer an inviting, fresh, and smooth delivery with a long finish and unforgettable sensation. Before purchasing a beverage, we wouldn’t be mentioning all of the juicy details if we didn’t mention what customers had to say about this product. With that said, we researched some of the brand’s collaborations to find out what customers think about these two best-selling drinks.

Sweet Tipsy Rosé received 4.5 out of 5 stars and many reviews from its brand collaborators. One reviewer mentioned how she purchased Sweet Tipsy Rosé after seeing videos on TikTok about it, thinking it would be an excellent gift for a family member. She also raved about the service and delivery of the product and its packaging.

Just the Tipsy products are large, have unique notes, have an eye-catching bottle, are a great drink to start conversations, and are affordable for its customers.


Additional Information About Just the Tipsy


Just the Tipsy wines are a popular choice for bachelorette parties


Starting at an affordable price for a bottle that is 750ml with unique notes of Bubbly Rosé, there’s not much to say other than it’s worth it. Yes, this beverage is worth spending the money on, no matter what occasion you use it for. 

Although it’s in the beginning stages of its marketing, the idea of an inappropriate-shaped bottle for a bachelorette party is worth paying for.

Just the Tipsy is registered as a legal brand and is one hundred percent legit. Although it hasn't received any awards due to its new label, the brand continues to work hard to expand its sales through registered, safe, and legitimate collaborators. If you're on the fence about purchasing because of the bottle's appearance, you shouldn't hesitate to buy it.


Wrap Up

In conclusion, what better way to spend a party than with Just the Tipsy wine? Made directly with the vineyard, Just the Tipsy is the perfect selection for any wild party. The idea of inappropriate-shaped bottles of strawberry and rose notes that amaze your palette makes every sip more than perfect.

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Just the Tipsy Bestsellers: FAQ


1. Where can I purchase Just the Tipsy?


You can purchase Just the Tipsy brand through their official website or through theliquorbros.com.


2. Can I purchase Just the Tipsy wine through Amazon or other large corporations?


Unfortunately, Just the Tipsy is unavailable on Amazon, but they have collaborated with several retailers to help distribute its product.


3. Does Just the Tipsy have a social media platform?


As of right now, Just the Tipsy does not have a platform on TikTok; however, you can browse some of its customers' reviews through the search page.


4. Does Just the Tipsy have international shipping?


According to its website, Just the Tipsy only ships its beverages within the United States. It currently does not have international shipping due to its twenty-one-year requirement for the shipment of wine.