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 Just The Tipsy Bubbly Rosé
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Just The Tipsy Bubbly Sweet Rosé 750ml


Just The Tipsy Bubbly Sweet Rosé 750ml

Just the Tipsy, Semi-Sweet

A unique, semi-sweet bubbly rosé of Syrah, Just the Tipsy is the perfect bottle to bring to any fun occasion. With a fun, shapely bottle that will attract a big reaction, this award-winning wine is sure to be a hit.

Just the Tipsy stands out from other wines with its unique bottle shape that is sure to get a reaction from friends and family. Whether it's a bachelorette, bachelor, birthday, dinner or even divorce party, this wine is sure to bring a bit of fun to the gathering.

 The Most Shareable Wine

Just the Tipsy has been called the “most shareable wine”, as everyone who gets it knows someone who would love to see it. Enjoy this crisp, clean, and delightfully bubbly rosé with notes of strawberry and raspberry, and share a light-hearted laugh with friends.

Key Information

- Type: Semi-Sweet Bubbly Rosé of Syrah
- Brand: Tipsy Brand
- ABV: 12.5%
- Flavor Experience: Crisp, clean and delightfully bubbly. With notes of strawberry and raspberry.

Other Varieties:

Just The Tipsy Sweet Tipsy Rosé 750ml
Just The Tipsy Bundle 750ml

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