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Baileys S'mores Limited Edition 750ml
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Baileys S'mores Limited Edition 750ml

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Baileys S'mores Limited Edition 750ml

The Baileys S'mores Limited Edition elevates the traditional liqueur in a pleasantly inventive way. This liqueur mixes toasted marshmallow and graham cracker flavors with the smooth, boozy, luxurious pleasure of Baileys Irish Cream. The finish is dominated by a robust chocolate flavor. It is a pleasantly adaptable liqueur that goes well with hot chocolate or coffee, over ice, in a cocktail, or straight up.

Since decades, Baileys has created some of the coziest after-dinner beverages. As the first cream liqueur in history, they have opened up a brand-new market for booze enthusiasts. Winter, Christmas, and family are all associated with Baileys. Try taking this Limited Edition Baileys S'mores on your next camping trip. By the heat, breaking this bottle would undoubtedly.

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