What makes Whistlepig Whiskey so good?

Whistlepig Farmstock Rye Whiskey

Whistlepig Farmstock Rye Whiskey is bottled directly on the Whistlepig Farm. They blend their own whiskeys with older ryes to create a well-balanced drinking profile, which is an excellent start for drinkers who are new to rye. The whiskey contains sweet and aromatic scents, with added aromas of roasted chestnuts, vanilla, and marshino.

As you continue reading below, we’ll look more in-depth into the history, product, packaging, and flavors of Whistlepig Farmstock Rye.

Whistlepig Farmstock Rye Whiskey: History

About 23 years ago, Raj Bhakta bought a dairy farm located in Vermont to think about business opportunities that he could explore. After spending time in his thoughts, he decided that he was passionate about opening a whiskey distillery, and then he began to create one.

But everyone asks, “Why Whistlepig?" According to the company, in the early years, while he was hiking in Colorado, he was almost run over by a Frenchman on his bike. The Frenchman thought he had run over a "Whistlepig", as he called a groundhog.

Raj Bhakta was confused and wanted clarification on the name, but the Frenchman had quickly disappeared. This odd encounter only led to him sharing the story with his close friends, and it was from then on that he decided that he would name his farm "Whistlepig". Afterward, Bhakta partnered with Dave Pickerell, a master distiller of Maker's Mark, to make his dream a reality.

Since the first day of opening its doors, Whistlepig’s primary focus has been rye whiskey that uses imported Canadian spirits and blended to taste. Whistlepig opened their on-site distillery in 2015, using locally raised grain and pot stills to create homemade whiskey and imported whiskey blends.

Whiskey Farmstock Rye: The Product

Whiskey Farmstock Rye: The Product

By using Canadian imported whiskey, Whistlepig quickly established its name; however, it was always their plan to distill their whiskey in-house. Whiskey Farmstock Rye was one of their first products that used spirits grown and distilled directly on their Vermont farm and finished and marketed for sale. With their in-house portion of the Whiskey Farmstock Rye, they used 100% rye from Whistlepig’s farm.

The rye grain is milled and cooked using Vermont water, followed by fermenting and batching to create Whiskey Farmstock Rye. You then place the spirit into oak barrels, which will mature for at least three years. By using rye and water and maturing in oak barrels, the whiskey becomes known as the "triple terroir".

Once the Whiskey Farmstock Rye has appropriately aged, it is blended with a six-year-old and ten-year-old Canadian rye whiskey to establish the finished product you see on the shelves today.

Whiskey Farmstock Rye: Packaging

whistlepig farmstock rye whiskey 750 ml


The Whiskey Farmstock Rye bottle is one-of-a-kind and includes everything you’d ever hope for in a whiskey bottle. The bottle itself has an exciting and unique shape with an appealing design. The bottle has a slim depth but is also wide with slightly rounded corners and shoulders that slope.

The bottle’s rounded edges give the product an elegant and refined look. You can quickly determine that the producers of Whiskey Farmstock Rye spent plenty of time designing the bottle and invested in their whiskey design. Some whiskey producers quickly place a label on their product and send it out the door without considering its design.

The bottle includes two features that add to its perception: its base and back. The bottle has a thicker than usual base, which allows the bottle to light up when placed on bar shelving units. On the back of the bottle, it has the initials “WP” for the distillery name, which you can see through the whiskey.

Regarding the whiskey, you don’t have to look hard to notice it through the bottle. Some companies hide their whiskey behind the bottle, but not Whistlepig. The Whiskey Farmstock Rye bottle is designed to allow drinkers to view the whiskey as much as possible. The label is near the bottom of the bottle and includes the distillery's name, information about the whiskey, and a pig mascot in its top hat.

Additionally, the bottle has a wide neck with a flared-out wide rim. The bottle includes a wood and cork stopper to keep the whiskey fresh and contained.

Whiskey Farmstock Rye: Taste

Whiskey Farmstock Rye Taste

When ordered neat, Whiskey Farmstock Rye smells like your traditional rye whiskey. You’ll notice brown sugar, vanilla, black pepper spice, hints of orange fruits, and cinnamon. The brown sugar aroma most likely comes from its oak barrels used during the aging process, which also makes its smell similar to the crunch you’d smell on a creme brulee desert.

Once you take a sip, you may compare it to a creme brulee regarding flavor. It begins with black pepper spice and orange citrus fruits, but then it's followed by caramel and brown sugar. When tasting, you’ll notice the lingering of the black pepper on its finish, adding a spicy texture once the other flavors fade.

Surprisingly, when ordering this whiskey on ice, you can taste more of the rye grains, similar to a rye bread flavor. The additional flavors resemble cinnamon, slight vanilla, and brown butter. However, the citrus and apple flavors are slightly diminished when you add ice.

Believe it or not, when you order Whiskey Farmstock Rye as a mule, you’ll notice many flavors from the beginning. It starts with citrus, followed by the brown sugar that helps level out the ginger beer and lime juice, which makes the drink more enjoyable. As your flavors begin to develop, the slight black pepper spice gives it that kick it needs in its finish.


Whistle Pig 21 year The Beholden 750ml


Whistle Pig 21 year The Beholden 750ml



Average Cost: $1,299.99


WhistlePig 21 Year "The Beholden" 750ml, a distinguished whiskey that exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and aging mastery. Meticulously crafted and aged for two decades, this exceptional spirit is a testament to WhistlePig's dedication to producing premium quality whiskey.

"The Beholden" is a fitting name for this exquisite expression, as it captures the reverence and admiration inspired by its exceptional character. Each sip reveals layers of complexity and depth, showcasing the remarkable marriage of flavors that only years of patient aging can achieve. 


Whistle Pig Homestock Whiskey 750ml


Whistle Pig Homestock Whiskey 750ml


Average Cost: $69.99

WhistlePig Homestock Whiskey 750ml, a tribute to the spirit of homegrown craftsmanship and innovation. Crafted with care and passion, this whiskey embodies the essence of WhistlePig's dedication to quality and tradition.

Homestock Whiskey is a blend that celebrates the rich heritage of American whiskey-making, combining the finest ingredients and time-honored techniques to create a truly exceptional spirit.


Whistle Pig Piggyback 6 Year Rye Whiskey 750ml



Whistle Pig Piggyback 6 Year Rye Whiskey 750ml


 Average Cost: $29.99


WhistlePig Piggyback 6 Year Rye Whiskey 750ml, a bold and vibrant expression of American rye whiskey that embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this whiskey is a testament to WhistlePig's commitment to quality and excellence.

Piggyback 6 Year Rye Whiskey is aged for six years, allowing it to develop a depth of character and complexity that sets it apart.


Whistlepig Farmstock Rye: FAQ

1. How old is Whistlepig Farmstock Rye?

Whistlepig Farmstock Rye is ten years old.

2. Is Whistlepig a good whiskey?

Whistlepig is one of the smoothest whiskeys you will ever taste.

3. What makes Whistlepig so good?

Whistlepig has a 15-year finish in charred, toasted barrels made from white oak trees in Vermont and logged right onto the Whistlepig Farm. Since Vermont experiences harsher winters and shorter growing seasons, the trees contain denser wood grain, which gives the whiskey its distinct flavor.

4. Why do they call it Whistlepig?

Whistlepig gets its name from its owner, who passed a hiker in Colorado who told him to watch out for a groundhog, aka Whistlepig.

5. Is Whistlepig Canadian or American?

Whistlepig is sourced from Alberta, Canada.