Weller Bourbon Special Reserve: An In-Depth Review

Known as an entry-level bourbon, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve is followed by Weller 12 Year, Weller Antique 107, Weller Single, and whatever new bourbons are launched. When speaking of wheaten bourbon, wheat is known as a secondary grain, while corn still remains in the number one spot.

If you’re someone who wants even more wheat, then this is what we would call diving into wheat whiskey territory, with around fifty-one percent of wheat in the mash. Given the hype around Weller bourbons, most bourbon lovers already have an idea of what to expect.

Let’s dive into our in-depth Weller Bourbon Special Reserve review to see what all the hype is truly about! 

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve: In-Depth Review

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve

To kick things off, the Weller Bourbon Special Reserve begins with strawberry, vanilla, apple, floral citrus, toasted oak, hay, cinnamon, and honey sweetness. An abundance of flavors right off the bat, right? Weller Bourbon Special Reserve reminds us of fruitiness and floral sweetness. When purchasing this Weller bourbon, however, it isn’t cheaper than other bourbon varieties.

While Weller Bourbon Special Reserve isn’t considered to have a light nose, it leans more in favor of gentle and delicate. It gives off a surprisingly pleasant heat, which can come in as hot at certain times. However, with lighter scents, they might not be making the best approach to suppress the heat.

When swirling Weller Bourbon Special Reserve, you’ll notice cinnamon, oak, vanilla, and floral honey. While it doesn’t have an overly oaky flavor, it does have a toasted background note that shows a bit of darkness and mustiness, in addition to plenty of cinnamon. Early on, you can feel the heat in your nostrils, but it slowly fades as you continue to sniff.

Well Bourbon Special Reserve: Smell & Taste

Weller Special Reserve Wheated Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Again, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve has a floral and gentle nose that will remind you of a less aromatic Van Winkle 12 Year, which is a good thing. Overall, it has a pleasant and nice nose. For a bourbon that's in the eighth to ninety-dollar price range, it does its job well. 

On the palate side, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve is darker with cinnamon, honey, vanilla, apple, and citrus. It has a more oaky taste than suggested by its nose but doesn’t have too much of a bite since it’s 90-proof. It doesn’t have a super thin palate, but it’s also not overwhelming either.

When “chewing,” you’ll notice vanilla and floral honey sweetness, with hints of peach and apple. The flavors aren’t overwhelming, but you’ll notice plenty of peppercorn and oak. You may even think it seems a little off-balanced as the peppercorn and oak pair with the fruity sweetness.

With its finish, it may seem more bitter than expected with its cinnamon, apple, black pepper, and honey. Believe it or not, you might even notice a minty note, although this bourbon doesn’t contain rye.

While it may seem more peppercorn from the wood, the bitter taste still remains after “chewing” with its cinnamon, peppercorn, and honey flavors that linger and tingle on your tongue. Weller Bourbon Special Reserve is an exceptional bourbon, given its affordable price.

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve: Our Opinion

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve Our Opinion

If you want the honest truth, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve is an excellent bourbon for its

 price. While it may have its moments where you’d think it’s watered down, you still won’t be disappointed with its taste. While some people may not prefer this bourbon, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

When sipping, you’ll experience a decent mid-shelf bourbon that leaves you with a nose of floral fruitiness and an exceptional palate for its price. Even with its peppercorn and oak notes that create an unbalance with the fruitiness, we still can’t pass it up.

In the chance that you’re struggling with finding Weller Bourbon Special Reserve, Whistlepig is also another excellent bourbon choice. Whistlepig bourbon has more flavorful and more decadent options.

If you want to splurge on a bourbon choice, you may even consider Makers Mark Cask Strength, a wheated bourbon that is easier to find than Weller Bourbon Special Reserve. In many stores, you can discover Makers Mark for around thirty-five to forty dollars, so it’s a decent price for a go-to wheated bourbon option.

If you can find Weller Bourbon Special Reserve, go for it! However, there are other excellent alternative bourbon options if you can’t.


Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 750ml



Daniel Weller Emmer Wheat Recipe 750ml



Average Cost$2,999.95


Unveiled to the public in 2023, the Daniel Weller brand represents a captivating journey into the realm of experimental whiskey production. This innovative line endeavors to explore the fascinating influence of various wheat strains on its renowned bourbons. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of Daniel Weller, a revered figure within the esteemed whiskey lineage of the Weller family, this expansion of their acclaimed wheated bourbon brand is proudly presented by Buffalo Trace Distillery.

It reflects the distillery's enduring commitment to pushing the boundaries of whiskey craftsmanship. Daniel Weller, the namesake founder of the project, symbolizes Buffalo Trace Distillery's dedication to innovation and pays homage to an American whiskey trailblazer.

Weller Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750ml



Weller Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


Average Cost$299.99


Weller Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey 750ml, a bold and robust expression of American whiskey craftsmanship. This distinguished bourbon, bottled at full proof, embodies the rich heritage and tradition of the Weller brand.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Weller Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey showcases the perfect balance of flavors and aromas. With its deep amber hue and inviting aroma, this whiskey captivates the senses from the first pour. On the palate, layers of complexity unfold, revealing notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, complemented by a subtle warmth and depth.


Weller Bourbon Special Reserve: FAQ

1. Is it hard to find Weller Bourbon Special Reserve?

Like many other Buffalo Trace products, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve may seem challenging to find. Weller Special Reserve is produced in limited amounts, and with more significant retail markups, it can become even more difficult to source at its suggested price.

2. What is Weller Bourbon Special Reserve ranked?

At meeting number 90 on May 28, 2020, Weller Bourbon Special Reserve was tasted and, out of five, was rated a three point six eight. Typically costing around ninety dollars, it’s on the pricier side, but it’s well worth the cost. 

3. Which Weller Bourbon is the hardest to find?

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve can sometimes be hard to find and can run on the pricier side, depending on what type you purchase. The special reserve is one of the more accessible choices to find and the most affordable, followed by 107. Weller Single Barrel and Weller Full Proof can be priced higher and are challenging to find.

4. Is Weller Special Reserve the same as Pappy?

Weller Special Reserve and Pappy have a similar wheated mash bill and history. These two are very alike, and some of its iterations can be identical in a lineup.

5. How many years is Wellers Special Reserve aged?

Weller Special Reserve is a seven-year wheated bourbon that has been aged for a minimum of seven years, much longer than other varieties of wheated bourbon. Weller Special Reserve is part of the lineup to pay tribute to the Wellers.

6. Is Weller Special Reserve smooth?

Weller Bourbon Special Reserve is a delicate and calm bourbon that has a smooth finish with a honeysuckle flavor.