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Bottle Logic Electric Eden 2021 500ml
  • SKU: 729105876036

Bottle Logic Electric Eden 2021 500ml

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Bottle Logic Electric Eden 2021 500ml

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Autumn Stout • 14.7% ABV • Electric Eden is an ode to autumn, when the air is crisp and still and time begins to move a little more quietly. Aromas of October waft lazily from the glass -- apple galettes with flaky brown sugar crust, sunburnt leaves, homecoming.

A bright initial bite of green apple melds with the savory, golden tones of hazelnuts and rich, red-hued baking spices. A whisper of cassia-toned tobacco smoke curls through the dry, lingering finish. Medium bodied with a welcome bit of warming heat from its 14.7% ABV.

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