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Glenmorangie The Grand Vintage Malt 1997 750ml - The Liquor Bros
  • SKU: SQ7028544

Glenmorangie The Grand Vintage Malt 1997 750ml


The Grand Vintage Malt 1997 spent the first decade of its 23-year-old development aging in bourbon casks to bring out citrus notes imparted thanks to the Highland distillery's giraffe-high stills—extra space allows for more taste and aroma, according to Glenmorangie.

Color: Deep Ochre

  • Aroma: Astonishing, perfumed and fruity complexity. Floral notes of rose, jasmine and carnation intermingle with soft red fruits, mint toffee, pastry or cake mix and a sweet confectionery top note. With water, even more soft, floral top notes like roses and carnations emerge, with a very subtle spiciness like sweet chilli, clove and ginger.

  • Taste: A slightly tingly, gently spicy mouthfeel is followed by a symphony of sweet candy flavors, more soft red fruits, pineapple chunks and a taste reminiscent of pears and mandarin segments in fruit jelly. There are sweet ginger and chili notes, gentle almond marzipan and vanilla toffee apple.

  • Finish: Sweet, rich, long and gently spicy.