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Tequila Esperanto Reposado
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Esperanto Reposado Tequila 750ml

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Esperanto Reposado Tequila 750ml

Tequila Esperanto Reposado was the dream of a young Mexican man, whose vision was to create for the world a high-quality Mexican tequila.

After more than a decade, this dream has culminated in the creation of Tequila Esperanto Reposado, a brand recognized by connnisseurs all over the world for its superior quality.

Color: is bright and clear with straw-colored hues. Shows excellent body when poured.

Nose: features a wide range of aromas that mainly pay tribute to cooked agave. It also features sweet aromas of vanilla, almond, and honey, combined with pleasant notes of apple, all resulting from its aging in fine American oak. 

Flavor: features notes of cooked agave, wood, and fruits such as apple and peach. Sweet notes of maple, vanilla, and almond also come through, offering a sweetness to balance out the mild alcohol flavor.

Other Varieties:  

Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila 750m
Tequila Esperanto Rose 750ml

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