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Gran Patron Platinum Tequila 750ml
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Gran Patron Platinum Tequila 750ml


Gran Patron Platinum Tequila 750ml

Like all Patron tequilas, Gran Patron Platinum is produced from the highest-quality Weber blue agave plants grown in the Highlands of Jalisco. The agaves for this distinct tequila are hand selected for their high sugar content. The tequila is triple distilled and then rested in oak tanks for a short time, making it extraordinarily smooth and full-bodied

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila is classy and satiny. At first entry there are spicy and peppery flavors. It has wonderful aromas of spice, floral, and fruit. Its velvety texture and mesmerizing palate of nutty and wine-induce flavors will bring a smile to your taste buds.

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