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Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt 750ml - The Liquor Bros
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Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt 750ml


Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt 750ml

On the palate, the whisky fairly bursts with a range of flavors that are integrated into a cohesive whole but can be separated out and appreciated individually: crème brûlée, milk chocolate, sea salt, and caramel. Interestingly, the fruit notes that appear on the nose do not translate to the palate. But the whiskey is creamy, mouth coating, and rich without being overpowering.

The finish is quite long and introduces a touch of mint and spice that slowly fades along with salted caramel and milk chocolate. This is fantastic Scotch. It is both simply enjoyable and rewards further contemplation. It lacks an age statement, but it makes a statement with its quality and character. 103 proof.

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