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George Dickel 8 Year Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
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George Dickel 8 Year Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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George Dickel 8 Year Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

The first Dickel release to ever be labeled "Bourbon", though all of their Tennessee Whiskey technically meets the criteria, Dickel Bourbon is a handcrafted, small-batch bourbon that's been aged 8 years and blended to perfection. Made from their classic mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye, and 8% malted barley, the liquid boasts sweet initial notes of vanilla leading into bright hints of cherry and orange before being balanced by almond toffee and oak. Bottled at 45% abv.

George Dickel 8 Year Old Bourbon is a handcrafted small-batch bourbon that is richly complex, perfected by time, experience and true craftsmanship. To create something this special, we use local spring water, choose only our best quality grains, and create our own charcoal from sugar maple for our signature chilled charcoal filtration process. Once distilled, we age our bourbon gracefully in charred oak barrels for 8 years and then blend it to perfection. Now that’s what we call smooth sipping whiskey.

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