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George Dickel 15 Year Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey 750ml
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George Dickel 15 Year Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey 750ml

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George Dickel 15 Year Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey 750ml

Charcoal mellowing and George Dickel 15 Years old unique aging process form a smooth, premium whisky that stands in a class all by itself. A perfectly balanced, rich and silky taste with hints of vanilla, spice and charcoal.”

“As our whisky ages and mellows, each barrel imparts its own unique taste and aroma ensuring that no two are the same. Some barrels develop a particularly special character that deserves even more time in barrel to fully develop. That’s what you’ve got here – one of our most-precious antique Single Barrel whiskies hand-selected for our most discerning customers.”

From the Whiskey Wash:” The new George Dickel Single Barrel Aged At Least 15 Years, according to those behind it, is an older Tennessee whiskey that’s being made available to purchase by the bottle from retailers or by the barrel directly from the distillery. Those who order a barrel, noted the brand, “are able to add custom branding and messaging to their bottles and choose from the highest proof options that were stored in the top tiers of the warehouse. Those buying-by- the—bottle can expect to see a variety of proofs of the liquid at their retailers.”

As mentioned above, proofs will vary, with the range drifting between 40%-52.3% ABV. All barrels are bottled by hand with minimal filtering and little water added.

Testing Notes:

The nose showed brown butter, caramel, and apples. There’s some char smoke and oak also, but they’re both really integrated with the sweet notes on the palate. Lots of cinnamon here too, but again, the whiskey is moderately sweet to make this an easy sipper. Sadly the sample bottle didn’t reveal the barrel number or the proof, but going by the taste, this sample whiskey was around the 50% ABV mark at least. Warming and satisfying. If you add a splash of water, you get some nutty aromas as well. But you can absolutely drink this as is. Really solid whiskey. If the price is right, pick up a bottle.

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