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Four Roses Bourbon Yellow Label 750ml
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Four Roses Bourbon Yellow Label 750ml


Four Roses Bourbon Yellow Label 750ml

*World Whisky Award Winner: Best Bourbon 7 Years and Under (2010)* *Malt Advocate Distillery of the Year Award (2008)* Located in Lawrenceburg, this storied distillery has a long history dating back to 1818. It is run by Jim Rutledge, one of the best distillers working in the business today.

They are a very unique distillery because they make ten different bourbon formulas--two different mash bills with five different strains of yeast--and are known for their more mellow and delicate style of bourbon. Yellow Label is the only one of their whiskies to feature a blend of all ten formulas.

It is an outstanding example of elegance and restraint even with the toasty barrel influence. This is a favorite American bourbon choice among bartenders the world over because it mixes so well and adds a sophisticated flare to any drink. Try Master Distiller Jim Rutledge's Perfect Manhattan: "3 parts Four Roses Yellow Label, 1 part dry Vermouth, 1 part sweet Vermouth. Shake ingredients over ice. Pour into chilled Martini glass. Serve with twist of lemon or orange (lemon is the traditional garnish, however, orange treats the flavors of the bourbon more gently).

It's not too sweet. Just right with a little bit of citrus that works perfectly with the mellow flavors of Four Roses Yellow Label. This drink is something that adds a mellow touch to just about any social occasion.

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