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Dos Artes Plata Clasico Tequila
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Dos Artes Plata Clasico Tequila 1 Liter

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Dos Artes Plata Clasico Tequila 1 Liter

Limited Edition - 40% ABV 

From the Highlands of Jalisco comes this new Tequila from the Family Handcrafters of Dos Artes Tequila with their unique hand painted fine bottles. This is a small batch of Plata Tequila with only 15,000 bottles in production. 

This Tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave to give you a perfectly smooth tequila for sipping, mixing into your margarita, or grabbing a lime and taking shots with friends. The beautiful ceramic bottle is hand drawn and will stand out in any bar when you're finished drinking!

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