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Diplomatico Batch No.3 Pot Still Rum 750ml
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Diplomatico Batch No.3 Pot Still Rum 750ml


Diplomatico Batch No.3 Pot Still Rum 750ml

The Distillery Collection is a limited edition that shows the fruit of Diplomático's different distillation processes. Characterized by the individual personality of each rum, the Distillery Collection No. 3 presents the most classic and rare expression: the Copper Pot Still Rum. The Pot Still copper alembic was brought to the La Miel distillery in 1959. This discontinuous distillation method was originally used in Scotland for the production of whiskey.

Produced using the best selection of sugar cane honeys, the distillates are aged in American white oak barrels until they reach the perfect degree of maturity, obtaining a complex rum. This rum represents the heart of Diplomático's taste profile. Through the distillation in Pot Still a very complex distillate is produced, thanks to the use of sugar cane honeys and a prolonged fermentation process that allows the development of rich hints and aromas. 

Red & Tropical Fruit notes with underlying hints of Toffee and Vanilla. Balanced and well-structured Wood flavors that combine with notes of Coffee and Dark Chocolate to give a deep and long-lasting finish.

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