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Belfour Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml - The Liquor Bros
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Belfour Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


Belfour Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

50.25% ALC/VOL, 100.5 Proof, 750 ML

The Belfour's first Small Batch is offered precisely at 100.5 proof. A true Small Batch, only 95 barrels comprised this one-time release. Staying true to the Belfour commitment to unique flavors, this wheated bourbon comes alive with beautiful aromas like wildflower honey. Creamy sweet flavors lead to a finish that is complex and evolving. You will likely enjoy notes of honey graham cracker, candied orange peel and sweet pipe tobacco. Allow this Small Batch to surprise your senses with each sip.

Appearance: Medium amber

Nose: Freshly made caramel, wildflower honey, gardenia and hints of mulling spices

Taste: A creamy coating of caramel, chocolate, hazelnut and pecan

Finish: Honey graham cracker, candied orange peel, sweet pipe tobacco, light peppermint

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