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1792 Bottled In Bond Whiskey
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1792 Bottled In Bond Whiskey 750ml


1792 Bottled In Bond Whiskey 750ml

Bottled at exactly 100 proof for a bold taste and lingering finish - a testament to the Bottled-in-Bond Act established over a century ago.

The signature spice of 1792 Bottled In Bond Whiskey is met with notes of charred oak and fresh mint. Subtle caramel apple tones are delicately balanced with the lingering essence of coffee and black pepper.

The sip ends nicely with rye spice and seasoned oak dominating the start of the finish. 1792 Bottled In Bonda has hint of caramel sweetness as well, providing a sweeter note to contrast the more overpowering spice found in the finish. Medium to long lasting.

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