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Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila
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Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila 750ml

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Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila 750ml

Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila was the dream of a young Mexican man, whose vision was to create for the world a high-quality Mexican tequila.

after more than a decade, this dream has culminated in the creation of Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila, a brand recognized by connoisseurs all over the world for its superior quality.

The bottle of Esperanto Seleccion Anejo Tequila is beautifully crafted with a unique circular design with a blue glass agave plant which sits right in the middle. This bottle is a great addition to any collection and is meant to drink on special occasions.  

Taste: Oak, agave, Caramel, Flowers

Aroma: Sweet agave, pepper, oak

Aging: 3 years in oak barrels

Agave Type: Tequilana Weber

Region: Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)

Cooking: Diffuser

Extraction: Diffuser

Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks, 100% blue agave

Distillation: 2x distilled

Still: Column

ABV/Proof: 40% ABV (80-proof)

Other Varieties:
Esperanto Frida Khalo Extra Anejo Limited Edition Tequila 750ml
Esperanto Tequila Blanco 750ml


Customer Reviews

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Luis Vera
Good value

I believe your pricing and discount offers are the most reasonable I’ve seen in the internet for this Tequila that we cannot otherwise get on the East Coast. However, our first order with you for four bottles of this Esperanto tequila came packaged a bit careless inside and the outside wasn’t even marked “Fragile” anywhere. So, we received the package with one bottle completely broken and the tequila completely spilled, and, a second bottle damaged, but salvageable. We did receive a credit from your company for the broken bottle, but I urge you to package them better in the future and place “Fragile” signs everywhere outside the shipping box. I know UPS may still mishandle the box, but, at least it’s a better effort on your part.