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1792 Full Proof Whiskey 750ml
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1792 Full Proof Whiskey 750ml

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1792 Full Proof Whiskey 750ml


1792 Full Proof Whiskey is immediately noticeable and jumps right out of the glass. Hiding behind the alcohol are dry oak, caramel, and a dab of vanilla. While these classic bourbon scents are appreciated, they’re quickly forgotten, and combined with the ever present alcohol, it leaves a lot to be desired.


Sweeter than the nose would lead you to believe. Sweet corn, cinnamon, syrup-soaked raisins, dried cherries, and a dash of vanilla are all present. While 1792 Full Proof Whiskey contains a lot of heat, the palate is still very pleasant and the star of the show, offering a really nice mouthfeel and is easy to appreciate at its full proof (no pun intended).

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