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The Best Don Julio Primavera Tequila 750ml
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Don Julio Primavera Tequila 750ml

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Don Julio Primavera Tequila 750ml

Don Julio Primavera Tequila is a testament to the true innovative spirit of making deliciously smooth, luxury tequila. Finished in orange wine casks, our tequila mingles with the light essence of wine infused with macerated orange peel during the barrel mellowing.

Don Julio Primavera Tequila features notes of honeyed agave and a hint of spice that culminates in a light citrus finish.

Simply serve on the rocks with an orange wheel or combine with club soda and a touch of citrus for a refreshing-tasting drink.

Embracing the legacy of its founder’s innovative spirit, Don Julio Primavera Tequila features a deliciously smooth expression that takes the brand’s traditional Reposado and finishes it in orange wine casks, which previously held wine made from macerated orange peels, striking the balance of citrus and honey. This unique reposado tequila is made for moments spent outdoors, in the daytime, with friends.

Featuring a flawless balance of notes including honeyed agave, a hint of spice and a light, citrus finish, Tequila Don Julio Primavera is best enjoyed on the rocks with an orange wheel or in our signature drink of the summer: the Primavera Sunset. Simply top Don Julio Primavera Tequila with club soda and garnish with a cara cara orange wedge – it’s the perfect cocktail for any outdoor daytime get together.

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David Hurst
Too much

I paid 20 to 30 too much should have shopped around first