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Levon Le Magnifique Petite Vsop Cognac 750ml
  • SKU: SQ9031228

Levon Le Magnifique Petite VSOP Cognac 750ml


Levon Le Magnifique Petite VSOP Cognac 750ml

The Levon Le Magnifique VSOP is a truly outstanding Cognac in many, many ways. The most important is, of course, the tasting experience. And it certainly won't disappoint. From the moment you set eyes on its deep amber tones you'll be captivated. This sensory joy continues on the nose, with deliciously intertwining aromas. If you close your eyes, these decadent scent sensations will transport you directly to the premier terroirs of the Cognac region from which they came. And when you come to sip, we promise you won't be disappointed. There's a reason this VSOP was presented with the highest award possible at one of the top 2018 industry events. And it's simply because it's a stand-out excellent Cognac.

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