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Hennessy Hennessy X.O X Julien Colombier Gift Box 750ml
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Hennessy Hennessy X.O Julien Colombier Gift Box 750ml


Hennessy Hennessy X.O  Julien Colombier Gift Box 750ml

The collaboration between Hennessy and Julien Colombier reveals an artistic universe – inspired by a luxuriant plant world, and showcased through Limited Edition bottles.

In 1870, Maurice Hennessy, a 4th-generation member of the Hennessy family, asked the Master Blender Emile Fillioux, a descendant of the Hennessy Master Blender Jean Fillioux, to create a special cognac for his family and friends, using long-aged eaux-de-vie to perfect the blend. They called it “X.O” for “Extra Old”, the original, and a legend was born.

Hennessy X.O attained international renown and contributed to the development of the category XO which is a gauge of uncompromising quality. Thanks to 150 years of meticulous know-how, Hennessy X.O remains as inspiring today as it was the day Hennessy first shared it with his inner circle. The powerful and balanced structure of Hennessy X.O carries the promise of an extremely long finish, with each drop an invitation to embark on a journey of the senses through seven tasting notes.

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