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Flor De Cana 130th Anniversary 20 Year 750ml
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Flor De Cana 130th Anniversary 20 Year 750ml


Flor De Cana 130th Anniversary 20 Year 750ml

Flor de Caña is a large brand of rum produced in Nicaragua. It is known as one of the most prestigious rums from Latin America with one of the largest aged rum reserves in the world.

Flor de Caña is rightly recognised as one of the finest rum distilleries in the world. With this in mind, it would take a spectacular bottling to honour the Nicaraguan distillery. Luckily, Flor de Caña’s Maestro Ronero Tomás Cano has come up with one such bottling. Aged for no less than 20 years, the rum delivers notes of toasted hazelnut, dark chocolate, caramel, toasted black pepper, pineapple, baked banana with brown sugar, vanilla, mango bark and treacle. A full bodied and slightly drying rum.

Color: Intense copper. Aroma: Nutmeg, Jamaican pepper and hazelnut all seem to mix into a nice caramel aroma. An attractive harmony on the nose with alcohol well integrated.

Palate: It has an opulent entry, on its way to a viscous palate, dry, full-bodied with a taste of dark chocolate, caramel, toasted nuts and dark spices. The finish is long and of burnt oak, vanilla and toasted nuts

20 year old rum bottled in celebration of Flor de Caña 130th anniversary.

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