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Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Edition 750ml
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Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Edition 750ml


Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Edition 750ml

Made using a secret recipe, this whisky was crafted in honor of Crown Royal's 75th anniversary.

Nose: Rye spices are present (cinnamon and cloves in particular), along with the classic oaky aromas. The main “sweet and fruity” aroma that I get is pleasant, but somewhat candied. Frankly, it reminds me of Juicy Fruit gum (although slightly flat Coke also comes to mind). I get a bit of green apple (which is common to Crown Royal) – but nothing like the overwhelming apple I detected on the Northern Harvest Rye. Maybe a bit of banana – but not in an offensive way (and I am personally sensitive to rotting banana aromas). A well done nose, with no false notes. It especially lacks that solvent smell which is common to cheaper Canadian blends.

Palate: A relatively sweet entry for a rye whisky – but not cloying in the way that most Crown Royals are (IMO). There is a good integration of the rye spices with classic grain whisky “smoothness” throughout the palate. I get a lot of the well-aged charred oak barrel vanillin's (caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, etc.). I also get the some of the concentrated darker fruits that I like in a whisky (i.e., figs, raisins, etc.). Personally, I find no trace of the typical grapefruit bitterness that quickly creeps in on most Crown Royals. Well done!

Finish: Pleasantly long, creamy, and with no unexpected after-tastes. The same notes as the palate just gently mellow away over time.

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