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Sauza Tequila Blanco 100 Anos 750ml
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Sauza Tequila Blanco 100 Anos 750ml


Sauza Tequila Blanco 100 Anos 750ml

Our Master Blender Carefully distills Sauza Blanco to specifically emphasize fresh agave notes. Truly a balanced, clean and herbal tequila. Crystal Clear. Very approachable with jasmine and lime followed by fresh agave and green apple aromas. Fresh Green Agave taste with green apple and essence of grapefruit. Warm with a moderate bite and a hit of grapefruit.

The Sauzas—widely considered tequila’s first family—have long served as industry pioneers. We were the first to refer to our spirit as “tequila” and the first to export it to the United States. Then, to help preserve the integrity of tequila, the Sauza’s were instrumental in forming the Denomination of Origin, a law ensuring that tequila could only come from Mexico. Since then the Sauza family has spent decades cultivating the agave and perfecting the art of distilling.

Nothing tastes fresher than a Sauza Tequila margarita. But our storied history dates back to 1873. That's when our namesake, Don Cenobio Sauza, first bottled and sold Sauza Silver. Years later, in 1929, Don Cenobio’s son Don Eladio Sauza added Sauza Gold to the collection.

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