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Abnormal - Quad Fashioned 375ml
  • SKU: SQ7331553

Abnormal - Quad Fashioned 375ml


Abnormal - Quad Fashioned 375ml

Format | 375mL
ABV | 12.4%
Style | Barrel aged quad with oranges & cherries

Old Fashioned, no this is Quad Fashioned! This is our 3rd edition of the cocktail series of beers we have toyed around with here at Abnormal Beer Co., and it is meant to emulate one of the most classic libations. The whiskey character that the barrel lent to this Belgian Quad is intense and wonderful so we wanted to play off the fact that the beer drinks like some good sippin’ whiskey. We then let the luscious liquid from the barrels sit on some dried orange slices and Montmorency cherries until we had what we wanted.

If you like whiskey like us but don’t want to drink it straight, you will probably order or have ordered an old fashioned. This beer will get you there without any mixing involved. Pop the top, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

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