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TIK-TOK Flavored Seltzer Slushies with a twist

by Shab paidar on June 29, 2022

With Summer in full swing, we've done our research to find out what is the coolest drink to enjoy this summer. Bikinis and Tans and a beer in hand are always the summer vibe, but we've upgraded the beer this summer to a low carb, low sugar refreshing White Claw Seltzer Slushie. 

This is all the rage on Tik-Tok so we found a refreshing fruity-filled recipe to take to the pool or in your thermos down to the sand. Find this recipe and more TIK-TOK favored Seltzer Slushie ideas on Pinterest and from your friendly blogger "princess pinky girl" 
Start with your favorite Seltzer ( White Claw) used in the tik-tok recipe! Add in your favorite fruits and some ice and blend together! Vuola- White Claw Slushie. 
Now we have a twist to add to this trend...go back to your blender and add some coconut or milk of choice and you just made yourself an adult" creamy slushie, maybe even add some Grand Marnier to that mix and WOW is an understatement. 
Enjoy this poolside or with toes in the sand - Host a party with a new fun drink on a budget! 
Cheers from your friends at The Liquor Bros